Ghost Wrench: Free Range Software

Ghost Wrench has a very simple mission: To deliver our customers efficient, elegant and timely solutions to complex problems with clean, tested and documented code.


  • STM
  • ARM
  • PIC
  • Atmel
  • TI
  • Freescale


  • Bare Metal
  • FreeRTOS
  • Linux
  • C/C++

Motion Control

  • System Modeling
  • System Identification and Estimation
  • Feedback Control Design
  • Computer Vision
  • Inverse Kinematics
  • 3D Simulation

Spreadsheet Add-ons

  • Google Sheets
  • MS Excel

Cloud Development

  • C/C++
  • Python
  • Matlab
  • JavaScript

Project Delivery

  • Documented
  • Tested
  • Source Controlled
  • Professional Quality

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Base of Operation

Arvada, Colorado

Area of Operation

In order to lower our impact on the environment, we work with all customers who are willing to collaborate remotely over 90% of the time or local companies with offices in the greater Denver area. Thank you for your understanding.