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Embedded systems and software foundations that you can grow your business with!

What we create

Linux BSPs

Custom Board Support Packages (BSPs) for your hardware using industry standard build systems such as Buildroot and Yocto. We also support off the shelf SBCs such as Raspberry Pi and Beaglebone Black.

Embedded Software

Software design and development for embedded systems with low level Languages C, C++ and Rust. We can build projects from scratch or augment existing teams depending on our clients' needs.

Minimized Technical Debt


We make smart use of unit testing and integration testing to ensure that our code quality has longevity and refactors are as painless as possible. In addition we make use of open-source static analysis, linting and memory profiling tools to prevent future debugging nightmares.


All our code is documented so that new developers can hit the ground running with everything they need to succeed. Every code base comes with Doxygen or rustdoc compatible comments and documentation.

Open Development

We utilize collaboration tools like Git and GitHub Projects so that our clients have an open and detailed view into the progress being made on their projects.

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